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New Championship Sponsor for 2017 - Electrovape

We would like to welcome Sutton Coldfield based company Electrovape as our championship sponsor for 2017. We are delighted that they have chosen the Ford XR Challenge to further promote their already successful business.


Without the help of all our sponsors and technical partners this series wouldn't be where it is today. Thank you all.


Visit Electrovape.co.uk here

Past Champions Racing in 2017

This season we will be serving our fans a feast of   XR racing, not seen for a long time. We have based our meetings at Anglesey Circuit, and Oulton Park our home circuit. Once again, we are racing with the BRSCC Organisation, as one of their the most successful One make championships in the Northwest.


Last season we served up some great exciting closely fort racing and averaged eighteen cars per Grid. We are looking for even better this season. We can now announce we have, nine past Champions registered to race. Wow some talent there!


Name                            Year                                             Car


Mark Robinson               2005, 2007, 2008, 2001               XR2

Neil Waterworth              2001                                             XR2

Chris Jones                    2005, 2007                                   XR3i

Andrew Lennie               2000, 2001                                   XR3i

Mike Taylor                    2015, 2016                                    XR3i

Mike Blackburn              2002                                              XR2

Greg Speight                 2016                                              XR2

Mike Heath                    2013, 2015                                    XR2

Jason Hennefer            2011                                              XR3i

Ray Grimes One of the True Characters and Good Guys

Ray has had lots of experience with some of the top teams. He drives the Ferrari  super car up the hill at Goodwood. Ray raced in our Challenge many years ago, many of you know Ray and some have had the benefit of his coaching.


I spent yesterday afternoon talking motorsport when he called in. I thought you may be interested to know . Two of his pupils won their Championships this season. That makes it Eleven Champions he has helped.


Also in July Ray won the 25Hour Fun cup at Spa.. Well done Ray hope you can attend our XR Challenge evening meeting.


 - Ken Mellor

Performance Ford Magazine's monthly features

Performance Ford Magazine will be doing monthly features of the XR Challenge and the racing exploits of NIck Richardson.


This is great news for the XR Challenge as it will hopefully help to promote the championship in the coming months.


A big thank you to Performance Ford Magazine and Nick Richardson for making this happen. Visit Performance Ford Magazine Here.


TnS Autos, Joins the XR Challenge

We would all like to welcome a new sponsor for 2016 and 2017.

TnS autos of Middlewich have just agreed a 2 Year deal with the BRSCC Ford XR Challenge.

They now join our other sub sponsors, Lee Bowron Glazing, Yokohama and Demon Tweeks.

Checkout their website for more details. www.tnsautos.co.uk

Puma Cup joins XR Challenge

For the 2016 season the Ford Puma Cup with be joining us for the following meetings this year.


Oulton Park  7th May

Anglesey 28th/29th May

Oulton Park 8th Oct

Welcome to the new XR Challenge website

Over the winter break, the XR Challenge website has been given a make over. We hope that you like the new design and we believe that it will help to promote you and your sponsors throughout the season.


Please note, the site is in continued development and will be constantly changing with more information and developed designing.

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