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Fiesta XR2 For Sale

Fiesta XR2 For Sale

Following parts for sale

Offers around £2700

Intrax or new Shocktec suspension also available at extra cost


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Offers around £2700

Intrax or new Shocktec suspension also available at extra cost


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Unfinished Escort XR3i Project For Sale

Offers around £750


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Geoff Waterworth has the following parts for sale



PRG Tracsporter XW Race Shuttle in white,12 months old in mint condition, 16' x 6'6" (4.88m x 1.98 m)

Includes; Winch, Spare wheel, Tow hitch lock, under floor storage bin with lid, Tyre Rack, Jerry can storage sleeves 3 can,

2 x wheel chocks, Datataged.

Cost £8634.00 FOR SALE at £6995.00 NO VAT


5 x Pepper pot wheels with 1 brand new Yokohama 170/550/R13 tyres, 4 x bedded in tyres. £200.00

4 x Brand new Pistons complete with rings, pins etc boxed, Make; Kolbenschmidt Germany, 80.965mm. £300.00 ( very rare to find)

1 x Cylinder Head £25.00

1 x Cam Shaft £25.00

1 x Light weight race battery 12 months old, Odyssey Extreme PC 535, complete with alloy bracket. £35.00

1 x Lifeline Zero 2000 Fire Sy1 x System kit, Bottle, bracket, hose, nozzles , pull cord. £35.00

1 x K & N Filter used. £5.00

1 x OMP Steering wheel, 310mm Suade flat dish, Oval 3 spoke, used very nice condition. £35.00

1 x Mintex race pads, F6R race pads, brand new boxed. £50.00

1 x Front windscreen. £15.00

4 x New boxed NGK spark plugs Iradium. £10.00

2 x Jerry cans 12 months old. £20.00

1 x Hydraulic Garage floor Jack 2.25 ton, used. £20.00

1 x Set Plastic type wheel arches, only 1 side sill, used. £35.00




1 x New front wheel hub, Bilstein, new boxed.

1 x Set front strut tops RS Inserts.

2 x new front springs 325lb

2 x new front springs 225lb

2 x new front springs 375lb

2 x new helper springs 45lb

2 x new rear springs 650lb

2 x new rear springs 650lb

2 x Front and rear bearing kits, boxed.

2 x New boxed Oil filters

2 x Rear wheel cylinders, new boxed, Pagid.

1 x Set Fastline track control arms

2 x Fastline CV Joint boot kits

2 x    ''         Ball Joints

2 x   ''          Track Rod ends

10 x used front wheel studs


1 x OMP Race Seat HTE - R FAI Sticker till 2019

very very little use, like new. Offers


Please contact Geoff Waterworth 07971 189339 or

                         Neil Waterworth   07977 261017


Fiesta XR2 For Sale

Acid dipped shell so very lightweight   -  has to run ballast with 15st driver so you can put weight where you want to balance car to run 885kg all up weight

Extensive  roll cage   that is tacked to the shell at appropriate  points  and also  runs through to front struts in 2 places  for added strength and safety

Seam welded shell

Strong blue printed engine rebuilt 3 meetings ago

Genuine Ford Camshaft & followers

Ashley XR Challenge downpipe (strengthened  to stop cracking ) with full Ashley exhaust

Gearbox rebuilt 1 year ago with RS Turbo diff

Leda suspension overhauled 5 meetings ago

Modified rear axle with adjustable camber,  plus new bearings (not the cheap ones)

Gear change bracket

Heavy duty alloy foot rest

Front strut brace

Rear welded strut brace

Lightweight race battery (not the big one in the picture)

Fire extinguisher in date

Larger capacity radiator recently changed

New fuel pump & fuel filter

New discs 3 meetings ago

New hubs 3 meetings ago

New track rod ends 3 meetings ago

New ball joints 3 meetings ago

New bearings 3 meetings ago

Poly bushed throughout

New steering rack at the beginning of the year

New CV joints at the beginning of the year

8 pepperpot wheels & tyres

Some spares

Few battle scars as to be expected for a race car but totally sound

OMP black seat or grey Sparco 2000 seat



Offers around £2700

Intrax or new Shocktec suspension also available at extra cost


Contact Tony

Tel:  07768 324006

Location: Atherton (Gtr. Manchester)

or Holmes Chapel area

Unfinished Escort XR3i Project For Sale

Simon Taylor has is unfinished project XR3i race car for sale, he is asking £750


Offers around £750


Contact Derek

Tel:  0780 3 5 88 089

XR Challenge  2016